It’s ok! you don’t need to look up from the screen

In the year 2016, our lives basically revolve around this rectangular object that fits in the palm of our hand…the phone.

It can do anything and everything. From being our alarm clock, gps, camera, mp3 player, timetable, computer. Hell, it can even be a portable fan.


Not only that, our phones connects us to people, the digital world, to retail stores, to banks. To pretty much anything these days…I mean, what is life without a phone?

According to this article, there were an estimated 31.01 million active mobile phone accounts in Australia in June 2015. With a population of 24.17 million as at December 2015, thats more than 100% of people adopting it. While this doesn’t mean everyone uses a phone, there are a lot of us that use more than one.

So what does this mean for businesses?

With the mobile having saturated the market, and people spending x amount of time on their phones…why wouldn’t you tap into this glorious device?!?

Kaplan  suggests that businesses should follow the 4Is in Digital Marketing.

What are they you say?

The 4I’s are:

1. Integrate: fit into consumer lives without spamming them

2. Initiate: create content that would allow users to generate their own content. This would allow a more holistic integration of business’ social presence.

3. Individualise: take into account individual interest and preference. Since phones are generally used by one person, this would allow companies to tailor to and personalise experiences

4. Involve: engage users through some sort of interactive experience

Here are some examples of companies using mobile marketing:

  1. Commonwealth Bank App615600-commonwealth-bank-app
  2. ASOSScreen Shot 2016-08-23 at 4.10.11 PM
  3. Hungry Jack App


Let me know what you think!

Christine out.



Author: christineyunli


8 thoughts on “It’s ok! you don’t need to look up from the screen”

  1. Hey Christine great read! The portable fan is so sick – I might have to get one myself! I definitely feel like the best/more popular apps have some form of the 4 I’s in them. But I feel like what makes an app great is the degree of individualisation where users can create their own content. User-generated content, like pictures on Instagram or stories on Snapchat are what makes an app super fun. Would you agree?
    – Wei


    1. hahah yeah the fan is totally cool, would be so useful in the summer! I 100% agree with what you said about having some form of the 4I’s. I think would definitely help apps be better. However, I don’t think individualisation is the what makes an app great. I think it’s a mixture between that and involvement..


  2. Hi Christine
    I really liked what you have here and how you have produced it in such a casual manner
    The only issue I have with it (maybe its just me), is that I feel you didn’t really conclude your blog or drive home a point – Perhaps I just wanted to read more!


  3. Hey Christine! Really interesting post, I agree that the mobile phone has almost become a necessity for us to live in our day to day lives. I know I rely on mine heavily for my timetable and internet banking. Quick question, do you think the Hungry Jacks app has incorporated the ‘4I’s’ Kaplan has stated? In particular, the ‘initiate’ aspect is what I’m having trouble referencing the app to, what are your thoughts?


    1. Hey Jessie! Interesting point, I think Hungry Jack has incorporated the 4I’s. In terms of the initiate aspect, I’ve interpreted that the “interactive experience” is through shaking your phone. It’s a small part but it’s a novelty aspect that allows the consumers to engage with the app.


  4. I agree, what would we do without our mobile? When I look at my phone, a few apps have changed the way I do “life”.

    CommBank app is one of them. But an app that is killing the game right now is Uber, and I think that it covers the 4 I’s in Digital Marketing nicely.

    For someone who does not drive, Uber is a lifesaver. Travis Kalanick, CEO at Uber, said, “We want to get to the point that using Uber is cheaper than owning a car, Transportation that’s as reliable as running water.” And it’s all thanks to the smartphone app, which is like a “remote control for life”. Being able to track your driver using their GSP coordinates makes the user experience “Interactive”.

    The ease-of-use, tracking and streamlined payments through the app are all good, but what makes Uber a better experience than most other apps is five-star rating system. The “Involvement” of mutual ratings has made bother drivers and riders accountable, and this in turn makes for a more “Individualised” experience. This is natural cause and effect.

    Like you mentioned earlier, mobile marketing is everything. But even though companies are prioritising mobile marketing and increasing their budgets, most are still failing to establish good communication with customers.

    It’s because, when you think about it, mobile is so personal. And we value trust from a company the same way we do a person. The 360 marketing campaign that Uber is something that companies and we as future marketers can learn from.

    So, I going to tag you, what are your ride-or-die apps?


    1. I know right, that’s the great thing about technology! It’s changing our lives in so many ways as well as businesses!
      I think Uber is a brilliant company, and their whole system is quite simple if you think about it and it seems like this is the way all businesses are heading towards.

      My ride-or-die apps, apart from the basic social media platforms, would be Carousell! It covers the 4I’s to a tee.
      I only got this app a week or so ago but it’s become so helpful. I got it because I had quite a lot of stuff lying around my house that I didn’t want or need. So I downloaded the app and uploaded a few photos of each item. From there various people found my posts and enquired about them via private message. I’ve already sold 3 items!

      Similar to Uber, it’s also review based. People who have bought from you can leave a review about you and you can give them a review in return.

      You should give it a go as well!


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