You’re being watched


Have you ever scrolled through a webpage and there’s ad on the side with the shoes you were looking at on The Iconic from the night before?

Yes? Well, I have too.

I’ll be honest, I never thought too much into this before. But I guess my very general consensus was that there was some sort of tracking going on so that marketers gain a better understanding of what each individual was interested in.

I guess that is more or less true.

The ads that pop up are done through ‘big data’. It essentially provides the ability to track customer purchases, observations, navigations and promotional influences. Which is great because for businesses, they would be able to generate more accurate business forecasts and make better decisions and customers would be able to receive a custom experience because businesses would be able to target their interests (which is how the shoes I was looking up earlier can pop up later to remind me how much I need those shoes)


But then…I realised something else.

The thing is. we ARE being tracked. we ARE being monitored. we ARE being watched…always…CONSTANTLY.

So…what about our privacy?! Would privacy even exist!?

What do I mean, you say?

Well…it’s the internet…or well..the ‘internet of things‘ (yes, I know creative name/10)


I don’t know if you’ve noticed…but a lot of our everyday things are becoming smarter…our Nokia phone’s got replaced with smart iphones and android phones.

Our cars are starting to drive themselves

Our watches are pretty much computers..

The internet of things is where every day things such as computers, watches, cars, tv’s, living rooms, kitchens, buildings..everything and anything…are embedded with internet technology that enables them to monitor and exchange data.


Before you start freaking out and picturing the kitchen bot scene from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen…it’s not actually quite like that.

The ‘internet of things’ has so much potential. The technology embedded within them would help companies to understand consumer behaviour even more and use it to improve their business processes!

Not only that, but having internet capability, our products would be able to connect to each other. For example, our phones connecting to our cars, to our printers, to even our fridge!

Looking into it…I’m quite curious, somewhat excited..but I’m also a bit nervous…and definitely a bit scared…

I mean, what does this mean for our privacy? Our every movement would be documented from the moment the wake up in the morning to the moment we put our phones down before we go to sleep..or will our bed be tracking our sleeping patterns too?

With the internet of things possibly leading to some intense version of 1984…Should we embrace it?


Author: christineyunli


2 thoughts on “You’re being watched”

  1. I totally agree with the viewpoints and contents presented in Christineyunli’s “You are Being Watched”. With the rapid development of various information and networking technologies, the “big data” creates great convenience for generating more accurate business forecasts by obtaining and more accurately analyzing customers’ interests and information. This brings lots of benefits both for businesses and for customers. On the one hand, businesses are able to more conveniently track customer purchases and their promotional influences, which can make great contributions to the development of businesses. On the other hand, customers can receive a custom experience, as businesses can more target their interests.

    However, as discussed in Christineyunli’s article, the development of “internet of things” also seems to threaten customers’ information privacy and security, “we are consonantly being tracked, watched and monitored”. It has become very common phenomenon we often receive many advertisements in our e-mail and some people on the Internet know all our information. It seems that we have lost our privacy in this internet and networking age. It is really horrible that all our information are exposed to the public, in particular when our information are grasped by those wrongdoers, it can possibly bring huge threats to our property and personal safety. In recent years, accompanied by the widespread expansion of network, Internet fraud has become increasingly serious.

    However, just because our privacy and security are under threat with the rapid development of “internet of things”, can we avoid and not embrace these technologies? I do not think so, and actually, “Internet of things” have flooded every corner of our living, and our life seems to be unable to continue without the things such as computers, watches, cars, tv’s and so on. The development of science and technology is an inevitable trend and the only thing that we can do is to taken some effective measures to protect people’s privacy on the Internet.


    1. wow! great point of view. That is true, it would be incredibly hard to avoid the technology, as we both said, it would eventually be part of our every day lives. I think through this development, it would be important to give people the option to turn things offline, limit certain tracking or refreshing the devices.


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