What is SPAM?

nope not the kind that comes in a can,

If you’re thinking about your email inbox at the moment..about all those emails you receive from online boutiques and other such sites…it is important to know what is considered “spam” and what is not.

Spam is defined as large amount of unsolicited messages and unwanted communication sent over the internet, for advertising purposes.

The key is in the definition I just gave up there ^^^

I don’t know about you, but my inbox is filled it emails from Refinery29, ASOS, Unidays etc.

While sometimes they completely clog up my inbox, these sites actually have my permission to send me these emails. They, therefore, are not considered “spam”

To categorise messages like these as spam, they must meet three criteria:

  1. No consent from the consumer
  2. Unidentifiable information
  3. Inability to unsubscribe to receiving the messages

Under the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), for companies to not be categorized as spam messages:

  • Consumer or receive must consent to receiving message, this form of consent can be given through consumers providing their email or ‘subscribing’ to received emails.
  • The messages sent via electronics to consumers or receiver’s must contain relevant company information they is easily identifiable by consumers.
  • Consumers or receivers must be given the option to unsubscribe to the messages, if they decide that they do not want to receive anymore messages from the company.

It’s essential for companies to understand what spamming is and to avoid it, and it’s also important for consumers to realise what spamming actually is, and usually it’s just companies wanting to keep you in the loop.

What sort of emails do you get, have you given your permission to receive these emails? if not, have you checked the emails to see if you can unsubscribe from the emails?

Also, what do you do when you receive ‘spam’ or unknown messages? let me know down below!

🙂 over and out.


Author: christineyunli



  1. Hi Christina!

    Your blog was such an easy-read! I honestly had no idea what spam was until you defined it, and it makes sense. I find it so funny when I find out the “actual” definition of something and realise my interpretation of it previously was so, so wrong.

    I must be one of the only few people who likes getting emails from companies. Granted, there are only a few that I will actually read, for example, I find Sephora and Mecca’s emails so insightful. But generally speaking I like being kept in the loop with companies that I am a fan of.

    But then there is “spam”, like what you mentioned. The thought that all the simple transactions I have made online have probably put me on the databases of hundreds of companies scares me a little. And that being on their hit list is totally legal. What about you?

    One company that I unsubscribed to recently was Nine West. I love their shoes, but God-damn, whoever is in charge of their email marketing need to be fired! I was bombarded on a daily, with what I felt like was the same recycled email of 25% off. I felt like they were on sale 24/7, which left me questioning their shoes, like, “Cool, but why are they always on sale? That’s a little dodgy.”

    But if there was initial consent on the first point-of-contact, it was identifiable, there was an option of opt out – then was it really spam? Nope, just annoying (but legal) advertisements. Mind-blown.

    Regardless of the legal aspect of it, the Entrepreneur hit the nail on the head when it said, “A poorly targeted and hastily constructed pitch is not only futile within the context of achieving your short term marketing goals, but it actually undermines your brand’s reputation in the macro scope. Doing so gives the impression that you’re desperate or apathetic, neither of which are enticing.”

    Out of curiosity, what websites should I sign up to?


    1. hahaha, I’m glad you found it an easy-read!
      You’re definitely not alone, I quite enjoy getting emails from companies as well and make an effort to check my mail a few times a day. Although most of the time it is (legal) “spam”, I still like going through them.
      It sometimes does scare me that my details are on so many databases…but I don’t worry too much because I try to only sign up on reliable sites and keep my valuable information kept safe and off the net.

      I’ve signed up to quite a few sites, including Mecca and a few other retail stores (Asos, Revolve, Reformation, etc.) but if I was to recommend a site to sign up to it would be
      Although they send a LOT of emails (like once a day!), I find some of their articles quite interesting. I kind of leave their emails unread until I get the chance and then go through them and open a new tab for the articles I’m interested in…kind of like reading a magazine!


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