Powdery Goodness

Over a year ago, I went to see a Korean dermatologist who recommended me to use an enzyme cleanser, or more specifically, a rice enzyme powder.

It took me a while, but eventually I got my hands on Tatcha’s Rice Enzyme Powder.


While I had my doubts initially, in fact the first time I used it I felt like it made my face uncomfortably ‘squeaky’ clean and I was scared it was going to break me out. But I was determined to try it for at least a few days. And I’m so glad I did.

Three months later, it brings us to the present and damn. I’m addicted to this white stuff.

Almost immediately after using it, my skin transformed. It provides light exfoliation on the skin. Brightens and reduces skin pigmentation –just like the packaging promises.

It’s suitable for daily use, morning and night. However, I just use it once a day as I only wash my face at night.


  1. Remove make up (coconut oil)
  2. Cleanse with Cetaphil Oily skin cleanser
  3. With a damp face and hands, I load about half a teaspoon worth of Tatcha Enzyme Powder onto my hands and I apply it to my face in circular motions -focusing on my T-zone, cheeks and jawline.
  4. Pat toner (Kiehls Calendula Toner) on my face
  5. Moisturise with Blackmores Natural vitamin E cream.


Overall results?

Transformed skin.

It sounds like a drastic claim, and in general, overused for beauty products, but through using this product my skin has become smoother, less congested, brighter, reduced pigmentation, reduced redness…the list goes on. While I can’t guarantee this working for anyone else, I honestly can’t imagine removing this from my skin care routine.


& there you have it, my first beauty review.

Have you tried Tatcha’s rice enzyme powder before? Do you feel the same way? Or, is there something else you recommend? Let me know!


Author: christineyunli


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